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A Walker's Paradise

Take a deep breath of clean New Zealand air and get ready to experience the ultimate outdoor adventures in an unforgettable landscape that’s out of this world! Walking can be one of the most rewarding ways of seeing the outstanding beauty of the landscapes and wilderness areas that any country has to offer. About one third of New Zealand's sparsely populated land has been set aside in national parks or reserves for the enjoyment of the public and increasing numbers of eco-tourists. New Zealand...

September 22, 2021

A great stay for the whole family

The Oasis Tokaanu first started trading as a Tea House in 1953 and being on the shore of Southern Tauponui-atia has high alkaline geothermal water making it popular with tourists. Tokaanu (Toka -stone anu – cold) is the southern edge of New Zealand’s super volcano which stretches up to Edgecumbe.The Oasis Tokaanu is blessed with being in close proximity of several of the North Island’s main draw cards, the Maunga’s (mountains) and New Zealand’s biggest lake. So Oasis Tokaanu is the per...

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