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Oasis Motel - Tokaanu

The Oasis Tokaanu first started trading as a Tea House in 1953 and being on the shore of Southern Tauponui-atia has high alkaline geothermal water making it popular with tourists. Tokaanu (Toka -stone anu – cold) is the southern edge of New Zealand’s super volcano which stretches up to Edgecumbe.

The Oasis Tokaanu is blessed with being in close proximity of several of the North Island’s main draw cards, the Maunga’s (mountains) and New Zealand’s biggest lake. So Oasis Tokaanu is the perfect place if it’s skiing you fancy or on the water enjoying trout fishing in the world famous Tongariro River. The brown and rainbow trout have been in the river for over 100 years and the National Trout Centre is 8km away and well worth the visit. 

Lake Rotopounamu is a 12 minute drive and Energy Centres website claims this uniquely beautiful lake is the water vortex of Planet Earth and along with Uluru in Australia and the only two energy centres in the Southern Hemisphere. Three times a year the gates are opened up and the river instantly becomes grade 4 kayaking. And when your day in authentic New Zealand country life is done you can relax in the 100% real geothermal pools to soak away the aches and pains.

As New Zealand’s cities become more and more congested and fast paced, step back in time when there was no traffic jams and horns honking. Where tui sound their beautiful call. Come and pet and feed the zoo animals, Floss the ostrich, Arnya the emu, Ernie the donkey and Comet the red deer. This will ground you to what really matters - balancing all the mental strains modern life has.


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