Chatham Island Tours

With their remote ocean surrounds, calm lagoons, plentiful marine life, and fascinating indigenous history, a quick flight to the Chatham  Islands feels like an escape to paradise. Merv’s Chatham Islands Tours makes it easier than ever to reach the islands and make the most your  time there.

The Chathams form an archipelago consisting of 10 islands, the largest of which are Chatham and Pitt. While the Islands have officially been  part of New Zealand since 1842, research suggests that the Moriori, the indigenous people of the islands, migrated there from mainland New  Zealand as early as the 1500’s.

Merv’s Chatham Islands Tours have already announced their tour schedule for 2022, with trips planned from Invercargill, Wellington and  Christchurch from March onwards.

Jump aboard to enjoy eight days of adventure, education, relaxation and wonderment. The tours are all-inclusive, so from the moment you  board the flight to your return. Merv’s got your airfares, airport transfers, accommodation, meals and bus tours covered.

Your local tour guide will greet you at the terminal to officially kick off your Chathams Island voyage. Over the next few days, you’ll explore  the shores of Te Whanga Lagoon, where you will be given the opportunity to fossick for fossilized shark teeth some 30 million years old, and  Nikau Bush, a 19 hectare forest reserve.

There’ll be plenty of time for fishing when you visit the settlement of Owenga, home to a working fish factory. Another highlight is Kopinga  Marae, the only Moriori marae in New Zealand. You’ll also travel to Waitangi West and see a historic cottage built by Moravian Missionaries,  and finally, you’ll stop by Splatter Rock and Hapupu Historic Reserve before enjoying relaxing free time for your final few days.

Join a day trip to Pitt Island, squeeze in some more fishing, or just put your feet up! This is just a small taste of all that is offered on a Merv’s  Chatham Islands Tours. Are you hungry yet?

Air Chathams – Proudly supporting regional New Zealand

Air Chathams is a company that was built on the foundation of supporting a remote, isolated island community so they could further develop into the thriving economy we see before us today. Through grit and determination, we have been able to expand our services throughout  other small regional towns to grow as New Zealand’s largest privately owned airline. We fly weekly into amazing destinations just waiting to  be explored…

Thinking of visiting the Kāpiti Coast?

This hidden gem has been a secret holiday destination for many years, now it’s your turn! With miles of beaches, spectacular landscapes, and friendly people the Kāpiti Coast’s natural beauty is a sight to be seen. Air Chathams fly into Kāpiti from Auckland daily, and in just over an our you could be on an amazing getaway this Autumn.

What about Whanganui?

The Whanganui region is rich in history, culture, and natural environment. Whanganui city is a unique blend of heritage architecture and  cutting-edge creativity. Explore the Whanganui River, immerse yourself in museums and art galleries, take a leisurely cycle or walk in the  natural parks and reserves on your adventure! Air Chathams fly into Whanganui from Auckland daily, fly with us and explore a new part of  New Zealand.

Have you ever been to Whakatāne?

The perfect place to unwind, explore nature and connect with locals. Whakatāne is blessed with breath-taking landscapes, rich culture and  plenty of sunshine. This town was recently voted New Zealand’s most beautiful place to visit. Air Chathams fly into Whakatāne from Auckland daily, spend a relaxing weekend away and take in the sunniest place in New Zealand.

How about a weeklong adventure to the Chatham Islands?

It may have always been on your ‘places to visit’ list, and this autumn is the time to book a trip to the Chatham Islands! With diverse  landscapes and fascinating history, the Chatham Islands are renowned for a bountiful seafood industry and conservation efforts protecting  many rare and endangered species. Air Chathams fly into the Chatham Islands via Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington weekly. Take a  week away to fully unwind and disconnect on New Zealand’s most eastern islands located over 800 kilometres (500 miles) east of the  mainland.

Contact our amazing team today to book in your autumn adventure! Book online or call us on 0800 580 127