Whanganui Regional Museum

Dressed to Thrill Exhibition

In this new exhibition we present a a vibrant celebration of two very different decades of fashion from the Whanganui Regional Museum collection.

Women’s high fashions in the 1890s featured long dresses with ruffles, extravagant frills and highly structured bustles. Men wore dark fitting jackets, vests and long trousers. The fashion-conscious and well off had their clothing made by seamstresses and tailors, sourcing their materials from local dealers using fine fabrics like silks and velvets.

During the 1990s, everyday wear was generally more relaxed, but there were exceptions. Public servants and professionals still needed  business suits and ties. A key look of this decade was anti-conformist: hoodies, sneakers, ripped jeans and t-shirts as a fashion statement.

Visit the Whanganui Regional Museum and view this fascinating range of fashion.

Museum Admission Charges – Ngā Utu FREE